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Walking with Brooks

In 2020, my nephew, Jason, came to Texas. During his brief stay God did a miracle in his life. Knowing my time with him was limited, I shared as much of the Word with him as I could. I also shared many stories of my walk with Christ over the last 40+ years. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Much of this occurred in my golf cart as we rode through the community in which I live. This video series is patterned after those rides – short, and to the point.

Hope you enjoy the “ride.”

Latest Walks

1705, 2024

The New Man

Each morning you pick out what you're going to wear for the day. You'll dress differently if heading to work then you will if mowing the lawn. You may in fact make multiple wardrobe changes per day depending on activity. What you wear is usually predicated

1205, 2024

The Wisdom of Men

When it comes to preaching, we all have a preference for style. Some like an animated charismatic approach, while others prefer a more reserved cerebral one. Personally, I land somewhere in between. Whichever your preference, never choose style or substance.There are some great ministries available through YouTube

1205, 2024

Three Things

Knowledge, understanding, and wisdom are three words tightly knit throughout scripture. Do a search on your bible app and you'll find them frequently grouped together. Each deserve a much deeper dive than I'm going to provide, and would encourage you to take that journey on your own.

1005, 2024

A Recommendation of Learning

I often use the phrase, "When I first became a Christian," because it was such a special time in my life. The early days of my walk with God were relational, not transactional, with a deep desire to know Him and His word. Learning wasn't a "have

2704, 2024


"Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is

104, 2024

The Ronco Bible

Ronco was founded in 1964, and pioneered the late night infomercial. They're the company who made the tagline, “But wait, there’s more!” famous. I once purchased their “Showtime Rotisserie Oven,” but were also known for rather unique products. Back in the 80’s, there was a comedy

3103, 2024

Moments of Clarity

Over the years I've began writing on a number of topics I've never finished. "Moments of Clarity," is one of them. Evidently those moments are too fleeting. For those who've ever lived in the Central Valley of California, let me explain. Some days your world may

2803, 2024

Jeeps – and the Fear of God

I've been contemplating the purchase of a convertible for a few years now. When it comes to a large purchase, and being somewhat analytical, I do a lot of research. I spent countless hours researching various makes and models, but ultimately couldn't decide. Those I thought

2703, 2024

The Pursuit of Truth

As a new Believer, I loved bible studies. Getting together to explore the Word of God was my favorite time of the week, usually on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights. Some in church, others in homes. Have to say, I really miss those days. When I was


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