Change in Diet (Part 3)

A few weeks into the Carnivore diet I was already experiencing the affects of removing sugar and carbs, and while the most notable change was mental clarity, my body felt better as well. With less inflammation came less muscle soreness and better mobility. Weight loss was also evident as I was no longer retaining excess water, but as I’ve previously stated, that wasn’t the main objective.

I didn’t want to be like the kid who just got back from a week at church camp, but I did want to tell what was happening with those closest to me. As I was sharing with my daughter Stephanie, she quietly listened and then asked, “Dad, why do you believe it?”

It was a great question, and I loved that she asked it.

After all, so much of what I was sharing was in complete opposition to what I’d been taught most of my life.

I’d watched hours of personal testimony from individuals sharing the life changing impact it had on their lives as well as doctors, cardiologists, and neurologists sharing their medical expertise. And they were all saying the same thing.

We’ve been lied to and mislead for decades.

Accepting that fact isn’t that easy. You have to acknowledge that those who were/are supposed to be looking out for your best interest have not, and are not. You come to realize they have sold out to those who care less about your health and more about lining their pockets. So much of the obesity epidemic, and in turn chronic disease we see today is just collateral damage.

The more research I do, the more comes to light, and I’m better equipped to answer questions like Stephanie’s.

As Christians, when someone asks “why” we believe what we say we believe, we need to have an answer. A personal testimony is powerful, but we also need to do our “research,” and share from the Word of God to articulate the truth.

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