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Is God the God of second chances? Absolutely! And third…and fourth…and fifth…and… But what about after death? If a person denies God in this life and dies in their sin, will they get a second chance? No, they will not. There are many who believe if a person

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What if you lived your entire life believing a lie? Your faith and trust misplaced. What if others were concerned, but kept silent fearing you’d find offense?  How would you know? Personalize the passage of scripture below. Let the words penetrate your heart, transcend your traditions, and stir

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I came to Christ in my early twenties, lived in a small one bedroom home, and rarely frequented the kitchen. Meals were prepared by Wendy, Jack, and Mickey D's. I was also known to leave wrappers from these fine dining establishments lying around. One night, as I flipped

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The only New Year’s resolution I’ve kept was in 1984. It was the year I “resolved” to no longer make New Year’s resolutions. It’s not that I can’t make them. I can’t keep them. But I admire those who can, albeit from a distance, because that apple rolled

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