The Pill Box

Polishing off my second bowl of ice cream while watching “The Biggest Loser”, a thought occurred to me. “Sure, put me on a ranch with trainers, massage therapists, and dietitians; offer me a financial reward if I succeed


“All you good people can have the streets of gold and jeweled buildings,” Steve said. “Give me a vineyard and pasture surrounded by huge Valley Oaks and sycamores. Cattle grazing across the road and a river running by

That One Room

The phone rings, “Hey, we were in the neighborhood and thought we’d come over. Be there in 10 minutes.” “Sounds great! See you then.” It’s always nice when friends stop by, but not so nice when they come

Cash on All Extractions

One day, as I was waiting to see the Dentist, I saw a small sign that read... “CASH ON ALL EXTRACTIONS” It took me a minute, but then I understood why. If you’ve ever experienced the excruciating pain

Christian Cockroaches

When I came to Faith in my early twenties, I lived in a small one bedroom house. I rarely cooked, and didn’t frequent the kitchen much. Most of my meals were prepared by Wendy, Jack, or McD’s, and

I Need a Word

Every church has at least one. That person who after service, has “a word” to share with somone. Hearing something to which they see a correlation in scripture, they jump at the opportunity to share “what God said”

Goliath Had a Brother

Three years ago, my youngest daughter Stephanie, faced the toughest battle of her life. Headed to dinner on my last night before returning to Minnesota, she was following close behind. After coming to a stop at the corner

Red Letter Edtion

Long before Facebook memes, I saw a sign that read, “Why is there so much month left at the end of the money?” Boy could I relate. Like when the electric bill would come in the mail, and