Change in Diet (Part 2)

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When you hear the word "diet," what comes to mind? Something you need to do? Something you need to do again? A program designed to help you lose weight? Technically, "all the above" could be the right answer, but how you define the word can change your life. Do you see "diet" as something you do for a designated period of time or a decision to permanently change the way you eat. If your primary goal is weight loss, odds are you will more than likely return to the way of eating that got you there in

Change in Diet (Part 1)

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One day as I walked passed a gift shop in the Mall of America, I saw a black shirt displayed in the front window with the Heinz logo and the words, "I put Ketchup on my Ketchup." If you know you know. There were two things I loved putting on my food as a kid. Sugar and ketchup. (which is loaded with sugar) I remember the little box of sugar cubes my mom had for her coffee. Loved to take one and let it dissolve in my mouth. Sugar made the foods I liked taste better,

Spiritual Hearsay

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The first four words spoken by the serpent to Eve are the same four words he uses today. "Has God indeed said..." When he asks that question of you, do you know the answer? And if you know the answer, how confident are you God said it? Do you know because you heard your pastor, teacher, or a another believer say it? Or do you know because you went directly to the source. Hearsay is defined as "unverified, unofficial information gained or acquired from another and not part of one's direct knowledge." Synonyms include rumor, disinformation,

Relationship vs Fellowship

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If I were to ask you to meet for lunch next Saturday, would it be this Saturday, or the Saturday after this Saturday? Your answer would depend on your definition of the word next in this context. We don’t all agree on its meaning, and it's led to more than one missed lunch dates. Missing lunch is not the end of the world, and you probably wouldn't have thought to ask for clarification of next. But if you asked to meet regarding your father's will, and were advised you must appear in person or forfeit your


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