Relationship vs Fellowship

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If I were to ask you to meet for lunch next Saturday, would it be this Saturday, or the Saturday after this Saturday? Your answer would depend on your definition of the word next in this context. We don’t all agree on its meaning, and it's led to more than one missed lunch dates. Missing lunch is not the end of the world, and you probably wouldn't have thought to ask for clarification of next. But if you asked to meet regarding your father's will, and were advised you must appear in person or forfeit your

The New Man

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Each morning you pick out what you're going to wear for the day. You'll dress differently if heading to work then you will if mowing the lawn. You may in fact make multiple wardrobe changes per day depending on activity. What you wear is usually predicated by what you're planning to do. It may also depend on the venue. A formal affair such as a wedding, requires formal attire. Show up in shorts and flip flops and you will not only "stand out," you may be "put out" as well. I'm not sure who established these

The Wisdom of Men

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When it comes to preaching, we all have a preference for style. Some like an animated charismatic approach, while others prefer a more reserved cerebral one. Personally, I land somewhere in between. Whichever your preference, never choose style or substance.There are some great ministries available through YouTube and individual church apps that provide solid, biblical teaching.But the opposite is also true.There are a number of "high profile" ministries that have grown primarily by telling members what they want to hear and avoiding the things they don't.This isn't about the size of the church, or if they have

Three Things

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Knowledge, understanding, and wisdom are three words tightly knit throughout scripture. Do a search on your bible app and you'll find them frequently grouped together. Each deserve a much deeper dive than I'm going to provide, and would encourage you to take that journey on your own. It's imperative to know not only what God said, but what He meant, and its application in our lives. To the natural man (non-spiritual) it is foolishness. To the carnal man (spiritual but immature) it will be most likely be used to gratify the desires of the flesh. But to


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