Change in Diet (Part 1)

One day as I walked passed a gift shop in the Mall of America, I saw a black shirt displayed in the front window with the Heinz logo and the words, “I put Ketchup on my Ketchup.”

If you know you know.

There were two things I loved putting on my food as a kid. Sugar and ketchup. (which is loaded with sugar) I remember the little box of sugar cubes my mom had for her coffee. Loved to take one and let it dissolve in my mouth.

Sugar made the foods I liked taste better, and the ones I didn’t tolerable.

Remember “A Spoonful of Sugar” from Mary Poppins?

I never added a spoonful to medicine, but I did to cottage cheese. Multiple spoons. Little did I know I was taking something perfectly healthy and poisoning it.

What’s healthy isn’t always tasty, and what’s tasty isn’t always healthy.

I can’t help but see the correlation between the Standard American Diet, and the Standard American (Spiritual) Christian Diet.

They’re both loaded with sugar.

Paul told Timothy the day would come when Christians would not endure sound doctrine, but would raise up teachers telling them what the want to hear. (2 Ti 4:3) Teachers who’d sprinkle sugar on their cottage cheese.

Welcome to that day.

In the early days of my walk with Christ, I found myself drawn to authors who lived in the late 1800’s, and early 1900’s. I found their writings to be more “God centered,” and less “me centered.” That doesn’t mean anything written after 1970 is bad for you, but just like your local grocery store aisle, much of it is loaded with sugar.

We need to remove sugar from our Christian diet.

I’m pretty passionate about this and have decided to continue this topic on my “Walking with Brooks” series, so if you haven’t already, I’d encourage you to subscribe for notifications.

My disclaimer…

I’m not here to give medical advice, but to share what I’ve learned from both research and experience. I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on television. But I do have a brain, and now that it’s broken the bondage of sugar it’s working as God intended.

I’ve always taken the approach it’s not up to me to convince others of what I believe, my role has always been to share what I know and leave it there. God can open your eyes to see, what you do with it is up to you.

I was in a brain fog for years and didn’t even know it. If you want better physical, mental, and spiritual health, your first move is to ditch the sugar.

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