Walking with Brooks – The Many

The ‘many’ mentioned by Jesus in Matthew 7:22 have always bothered me. How could someone spend their entire “Christian” life believing they were in relationship with Jesus only to tragically find out they were not?

They prophesied in His name, cast out demons in His name, and did many wonderful works in His name.

And yet He did not know them.

The proposition of this happening is terrifying, and everyone should stop for a moment and ask, “Am I one of the many?”

This is a sensitive topic, and the mere discussion can draw criticism.

Who are you to judge? (this subject alone is worthy of a ‘walk’ topic)

But the hardest people to reach for Jesus are those who either see no need for Him, or those who believe they already have when tragically, they have not.

So if I’m to be criticized for trying to reach those asleep in the light, I’ll gladly take it. 

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