Moments of Clarity

Over the years I’ve began writing on a number of topics I’ve never finished.

“Moments of Clarity,” is one of them.

Evidently those moments are too fleeting.

For those who’ve ever lived in the Central Valley of California, let me explain.

Some days your world may be shrouded in dense fog, and some when it’s “patchy.” Neither is desirable, but at least patchy fog gives you moments of clarity.

Drive into a fog bank and your visibility is greatly reduced. I’ve been in fog so dense you can’t see passed the hood of your car. One evening I had to open the car door to find the painted white center line.

In patchy fog you can quickly transition from nearly zero visibility to blue skies and sunshine, and just as quickly back into the fog.

Welcome to my life that last few decades.

There were “moments” in my day I would see clearly what God wanted me to see, and with a strong sense of direction. But it didn’t take long to hit that next fog bank, and find myself searching for the painted white line.

Life felt like one long road trip through the tule fog.

And then it wasn’t.

A few months ago I made a radical change in my diet. At the time of this writing I’ve been 54 days without sugar or carbohydrates. My diet consists mostly of those things we’ve been taught over the years will kill us. Steaks, eggs, butter, bacon (lots of bacon!), ground beef, and occasional seafood.

For those who may not be aware, it’s called a Carnivore diet. In the broadest sense, it’s eating what comes from an animal. No fruits, no vegetables, and definitely no processed foods.

A few years ago I stayed with a friend who had adopted this way of eating. As I recall, I may have told her she was going to die.

I was wrong.

One of the things I want to make perfectly clear is I’m obviously not a doctor, but what’s also become painfully obvious is just how wrong doctors can be. As a Pastor, my responsibility was to present the truth of God’s Word, and leave the rest to the listener. Believe or disbelieve, obey or disobey, is up to each individual. We all make our own life choices, and will either suffer the consequence or reap the benefit.

I’m sharing my experience because I want to encourage you to do your own research. To find out for yourself if what you’ve been taught most of your life is actually true. Coming to the realization you’ve been lied to for so long by so many, and especially those in whom you were taught to trust isn’t easy, but it’s liberating.

I came across the information on Carnivore by chance, stumbling across a YouTube video of a man who chronicled his life on this diet for a year. What intrigued me was that while he experienced dramatic weight loss, it wasn’t the thing he saw as the greatest benefit. I then watched a number of others sharing their testimonies, and while they listed multiple benefits, including overcoming numerous autoimmune diseases, the one thing they all stressed was the mental breakthrough. Many coming out of depression, and for some a deep, chronic depression.

That’s what got my attention.

For years I’ve been frustrated with lack of motivation, focus, and retention when I study. I believed it was due to a lack of proper diet and exercise but couldn’t find the will to change, and decided to give it a shot.

Approximately six days in, Brooks did something that made me laugh out loud, and I took notice. Something that would normally illicit a smile, had become a laugh.

Out loud.

That may not sound like much, but I also realized there were signs the fog was lifting. My general attitude had greatly improved.

When you’re born again, God opens your spiritual eyes to see things you were incapable of seeing prior to conversion. He removes your “spiritual fog.” The carnal man cannot see, nor understand the things of God because they are spiritually discerned. (1 Co 2:14) But when you have the Spirit, your eyes are open to see clearly the truth of God’s Word. It’s why for those without the Spirit the things of God are foolishness, and why you’ll never “talk someone” into salvation. Only God can open the eyes of the blind.

God created us spirit, soul, and body, and His desire is for all to be healthy. I now have a greater understanding of how one may impact the other.

It’s been a pretty crazy few months.

Today, if I were to write a plot for a movie, I’d have a government poison its own people by lying to them about nutrition. I’d put sugar in everything, resulting in numerous chronic diseases that also leaves them lethargic and easily manipulated. As a bonus, I’ll blame it all on the healthy foods they should actually be eating, and establish agencies to solidify the lie. I’ll make billions on research to find a cure for the diseases I’ve created and never allow an honest discussion of the root cause. Then I’ll create an unholy alliance between the food industry, the health industry, and the pharmaceutical industry. The rich will get richer, the powerful more power, and the citizens will suffer and die.

But that script’s already taken.

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