A Matter of Death

The vision for Faithful Wounds was given almost 9 years ago. August 16, 2015 to be exact, the day I acquired the domain name.

I’ve never lacked direction or clarity of purpose, but the will to do it wasn’t always there. While there are various reasons why, some of which I will share later, there was no excuse.

Part of what I would be sharing included a level of transparency that frankly, I wasn’t that comfortable with. When my nephew Jason was here, we took a lot of golf cart rides as I shared the good, the bad, and the ugly about my life. Wanted him to learn not only from any success I may have experienced, but my failures as well. (probably logged more miles on “the bad and the ugly”)

I started the “Walking with Brooks” series to share short videos including a brief outline as a way to somewhat replicate those moments. A way to perhaps plant some seed or stimulate thought. Hopefully to challenge you as well.

I’m working on “indoor” videos that will be greater in length. Somewhere between “Walking with Brooks” and “Band of Brothers” (the series). Allowing me to go greater in depth on topics I can’t in 5 minutes. (anything I say under 5 minute is an act of God)

This video departs from the shorter format, and is 12:44 in length. It’s more personal testimony than teaching, but there’s a lesson to be learned. It’s also the first step sharing from personal experience, and being transparent with you.

(Note… there’s an edit at the 11:28 mark)

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