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The phone rings, “Hey, we were in the neighborhood and thought we’d come over. Be there in 10 minutes.” “Sounds great! See you then.” It’s always nice when friends stop by, but not so nice when they come on short notice. I didn’t inherit the “house cleaning” gene. I doubt one actually exists, but if it does it skipped a generation. Pushing the vacuum cleaner at warp speed, I’d gather the collection of fast food wrappers and empty coke bottles as I raced out the back door to empty the trash. No need to wash the dishes because technically…I


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One day while waiting to see the Dentist, I saw a small sign that read... “CASH ON ALL EXTRACTIONS” It took me a minute, but then it hit me. If you’ve ever experienced the excruciating pain of a bad toothache, you know in THAT moment you’d pay anything to get relief. I’ve had toothaches hurt so bad I would have given my first born (sorry Sara), and thrown in a puppy. But when the pain is gone, are we still willing to pay anything? Evidently, as many Dentists have learned...not so much. In fact, they probably move so far


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Every church has at least one. That person who after service, has “a word” to share with somone. Hearing something to which they see a correlation in scripture, they jump at the opportunity to share “what God said” about their situation. It isn’t a bad thing necessarily. It could be a word of encouragement in a time of despair, or comfort in a time of suffering. It’s someone who loves the Word of God, and wants to share that which seems appropriate in that moment. They may pull you aside and speak the word, or hand it to


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Long before Facebook memes, I saw a sign that read, “Why is there so much month left at the end of the money?” Boy could I relate. Like when the electric bill would come in the mail, and the “balance due” exceeded the “new balance” in my checkbook. (Okay, who am I kidding, my way of “balancing” my checkbook was to change banks) Let’s just say I was pretty sure it was more than I had at the time. In my early years, Rick Idell, my childhood friend and I were roommates. Neither of us were flush with


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