Adjust Your Audio

One of the many “occupations” I’ve had over the years includes a journey into radio. First as a weekend deejay, and then moved into sports. Primarily football play-by-play, and color commentary . It was a great adventure from which I have wonderful memories. I was fortunate to work with some great people including John Quinlan, from whom I learned a lot about broadcasting, and Steve Brown, from whom I learned a lot about football.

The play-by-play guy tells you what is happening, and the color guy tells you why it happened. On a side note, I think the “color guy” makes the broadcast, and when I was lucky enough to work with Steve, I was also smart enough to shut up as quickly as possible.

Prior to any broadcast, concert, or other event that uses voice amplification, there will be a sound check. A time to dial in the sensitivity of the microphones being used in the upcoming performance. If you’ve ever been to a concert where the audio was awful, you can relate to how important it is to get this right. Most of my games were broadcasted from the local high school press box, but it wasn’t unheard of to set up shop in the visitors bleachers. And for those who may not remember, the “visitors bleachers” are usually an afterthought. So mic sensitivity varied, depending on the venue.

You can have all the talent in the world, but if the quality of the audio is bad, no one will want to listen.

Ever been on a call with someone who’s connected their iPhone to their car’s audio system? Do they sound like the airline pilot on your last flight who announced on the intercom, “hfgrty kjghyuh ghttry ghseeqr hfjksabf kkyhgr?”

How frustrating is that conversation?!

For the record, God frequently speaks to us. Answering prayer, providing guidance, wisdom, or maybe just to say “hello.”

But sometimes His voice isn’t always clear and concise It can sound muffled (over modulated). If it does, it’s not His fault.

It’s our audio system.

So for tips on both the technical and spiritual approach in making the proper adjustment, please watch this video.

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